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Navrangi Deepam Cow Ghee Diya

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About Product

  • Color: Yellow, Readymade Ghee Diya Wicks- Made from Cow Ghee
  • Navrangi Deepam Pure Cow Ghee Diya useful in temples and homes/offices for lighting and prayer purposes
  • Readymade Ghee Diya Wicks- Made from Cow Ghee are convenient and apt replacement for traditional ghee lamps.
  • The Pack of Pure Cow Ghee Diya Batti have 100 / 30 / 15 qty with burning time 20-30 minutes.
  • Avoids using separate Oil. Self diya with Navrangi Deepam Pure Cow Ghee.
  • Wax free formulation. Only solidifiers used for structural rigidity.
  • Easy to Use: Avoids using separate oil with save time required to make a ghee batti and reduce mess
  • Safety – Burn away from children and pet

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