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1 Pot Electric Aroma Burner Bowl Shape, 1 Electric bulb

Color            -    Brown
Primary material    -    Ceramic
Capacity        -    Standard 

Electric Aroma Burner are an ideal way to create a special atmosphere in any room. The heat from the bulb gently warms a few drops of any aroma oil in water & releasing the scent into the air.

Place your electric aroma burner in a safe place away from children and pets. Add water to almost fill the dish. Put 6-8 drops of any aroma oil depending on the size of the room & then plug in.

CAUTION: Never leave the electric aroma burner unattended. Make sure you don't allow the water to completely evaporate while is on. Keep away from children as it becomes heated.

* Color shown in picture may vary from actual product 

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