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Bhimseni Kapur

Bhimseni Kapur


During aarti, hawan rituals, and other religious observances, camphor is lit and used. The usage of camphor placates Gods and Goddesses, according to the Hindu religion. Camphor is said to drive away evil and bring good. DevDarshan Bhimseni Kapur (Camphor) is a pure camphor which is derived from the pine tree and does not leave any residue after burning. The pleasant smell of Dev Darshan Bhimseni Kapur will create a positive vibe around you.



Devdarshan Shudh Kapur's (Camphor) practical size and form makes it simple to hold. Utilize the camphor as needed. DevDarshan Bhimseni Kapur is pure camphor, and it burns quickly, with little effort. The flame burns throughout your aarti. 



Packaging: Standard

Burning Time: Lasts for a long time

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