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Transform your home into an enchanted sanctuary of peace and spirituality with Devdarshan Dhoop Incense Sticks (Semi-Solid Sticks). The sweet, floral, fragrance will gently float its way throughout your home instantly lifting the mood and creating a kind and inviting atmosphere. These cores less Dhoop Incense Stick are expertly hand rolled with years of experience from soft slow burning Desi Ghee. Made from a time honoured recipe of perfume oils and mixed spices that have been passed down through generations to create a deeply satisfying scent. Simply place your Devdarshan Dhoop Incense Sticks in a Dhoop Incense holder and light the tip. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame and enjoy the heavenly aroma.

Pack of core-less incense sticks (Semi-Solid Dhoop Sticks)
Packaging is recyclable
Burning time 15-20 min per stick
12 Units in 1 Box


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